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What is a Bogey in Golf?

Golf is a rewarding hobby that can provide a lifetime of fond memories to those that get bitten by the golf bug. The problem? It’s a hard game to start. Progress is slow, hours of practice are long and often times, frustrating, and for the first months or even years, your biggest ambition is most […]

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What Does A Par Mean In Golf?

Starting a new hobby can always be frustrating, especially when it comes to learning all the jargon that more experienced enthusiasts use casually. Golf certainly has its own vocabulary and unfortunately, it can often be difficult to keep up with what everything means. If you ever find yourself wondering “what does a par mean in […]

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How Many Clubs Are Allowed In A Golf Bag?

Golf is a sport known for its complicated rules. It seems that at least once a year a professional tournament spirals into a mess of confusion and frustration in the face of a complicated rules situation. Dustin Johnson, one of the game’s best, has been involved in several of them himself. Even most amateurs have […]

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How Long Does A Round Of Golf Take?

I’ve always felt that there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than on the golf course. That said, every once in a while, when life gets particularly busy, there is no shame in wondering just how much of that afternoon you’ll have to spend. Life can get hectic, and golf certainly doesn’t […]

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What Is A Scramble In Golf?

Golf is a game of exhilarating highs and crushing lows. It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior, or Tiger Woods: every once in a while you are going to find yourself staring down a putt for triple bogey. Sometimes, you will even have the pleasure of watching it slip out. For as truly, […]

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