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How To Become A Professional Caddy?

Unfortunately, caddies are few and far between these days. More and more courses are opting for carts and golf GPSs over the cost of employing full-time caddies. But while the job that inspired one of the greatest comedies of all time might be o the decline that is not to say that it is completely […]

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How To Find My GHIN Number?

Unfortunately, the game of golf extends very little in way of relief to the struggling beginner. While those starting in soccer have smaller fields, those starting in baseball get the benefit of the tee, and those starting in bowling are gifted with bumpers, newbie golfers are more or less forced to face the same expectations […]

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How To Polish Golf Clubs

I’ve always found that dirty golf clubs are a nice problem to have. It means that you are getting out on the course enough to accumulate a little bit of dirt and mud. I would rather have a dirty set than a dusty set any day of the week, but the fact of the matter […]

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How To Regrip A Putter?

If you are like me you love golf and if you love golf, there is a good chance that you also love golf equipment. I bet there is a set or two out there that you look at longingly every time you step into a sporting goods store. Unfortunately, even after you have picked up […]

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