The Top 5 Golf Putters For Beginners Review

If you have ever stepped into a golf shop, you’ve no doubt seen the artificial greens that each one of them seems to have, all flanked with hundreds upon hundreds of putters. Yeah, you want to play around on the green, but you hardly even know which putter to goof around with, let alone which one to buy.

If you are a beginner picking up a flat stick can be overwhelming. Naturally, all you want a club that will save you a few strokes on the green, and not break the bank doing it, but how can you know for sure until you’ve played a few rounds?

If you are a beginner to the game of golf but need to pick up a new putter we can help! Read on for five of the best putters for beginners on the market.

Things to Consider:

Before we take a look at some awesome putters, let’s stop a moment to think about what should be considered before you buy. For those that do not know much about putters, we will briefly go over all of the basics.

Types of Putters:

There are four basic types of putters, all of which change the way that you set up to the ball in a significant way.

  • Standard Length Putter: The standard-length putter is what you are going to see the most of, both on this list and when you step into a golf store. You will typically find them at 35 inches or so in length, with a variety of different head options to choose from.
  • Belly Putter: There is a lot of confusion about this club ever since the USGA enacted an anchored stroke ban. The ban prohibits resting the butt of your putter on your body while making your stroke, but it does not actually ban the belly putter itself.

The belly putter differs from the standard -length putter in that it is generally between 43-45 inches in length Technically speaking it is designed to be anchored against your body, but it is still easy to use in a way that complies with the new rules.

Generally speaking, the belly putter is associated with golfers struggling on the greens. The extra length makes it easier to keep the face square at impact, which will be especially useful for putts within ten feet. That said, when you get outside of that range it can be difficult to control the speed.

  • Broomstick Putter: The broomstick putter is generally thought to be the last resort of the struggling golfer. Back before the ban, players would rest the butt of the club against their chest as they played, but now they still have the option to use it in a fashion that resembles the way you use a broom.
  • Mid-Length Putter: The mid-length putter came about as a response to the anchored stroke ban. It resembles the belly putter in appearance but is generally about 39 inches in length which makes it much easier to ensure that the butt of the club never accidentally rests against your body.

You will also encounter two basic different head configurations that will vary widely in appearance from model to model.

  • Blade: The blade putter isn’t necessarily going to be razor thin and compact like it used to be. That said, putter heads are trending larger now, so if you want something a little more compact and classic looking, you will reach for the blade.
  • Mallet: The mallet putter head is bulkier. A lot of people prefer them for their weight, and many even believe that they are easier to line up putts with. Again, though the mallet head takes many shapes and sizes, you will have no trouble telling the difference between its blade counterpart.

Other Specs:

  • Weight: With a heavier putter you are going to be able to take shorter strokes and still get a nice steady roll. Lighter putters require longer strokes to hit the ball the same length.

Neither is inherently better than the other. It is entirely a matter of personal preference.

  • Loft: Loft doesn’t vary much when it comes to putters but it can definitely make a difference in how the ball rolls. Your ideal loft is completely contingent on how you set up to the ball. If you tend to favor a forward press, you will probably want a higher loft on your putter, but chances are someone at your local golf shop will be able to help you make the best buying decision.
  • Length: Regardless if you decide on a standard putter, a belly putter, a broomstick, or a mid-length you will have a little bit of option when it comes to a length. Again, an employee at your local golf shop will be able to help you with that decision, but generally speaking, the standard shaft length will be suitable for most people.

Things to Consider Before You Buy:

  • Feel: Really, I could almost leave the list of things to consider before you buy, at that. Feel is the very most important component of getting a good putter. If it feels good to you, use it.

Fans of professional golf might remember a few years back when Jim Furyk won the Fed Ex Cup Championship playing with a putter he had bought for thirty dollars at a used sporting goods store. Obviously, it wasn’t the fanciest club on the market but it helped him win twelve million dollars. Putters don’t have to be fancy, they just have to give you confidence.

  • Appearance: Do you like the way the club looks when you set up to the ball? If you don’t that should be enough to eliminate it as a buying option. Since you use the putter on every hole, buy one that you’ll never get tired of pulling from the bag.
  • Price: Naturally, the price is a factor in any buying decision. Golf equipment, in general, has a reputation for being expensive, and putters are no exception. That said you can still pick up a really great club at an affordable price.

One More Thing:

Technology does not change all that much on a yearly basis when it comes to putters. If you buy one that you like you can keep it in the bag for a long time. I’ve played the same putter for nearly a decade, and unless something very unfortunate happens to it, it will probably stick around for another decade.

Just take your time, and don’t settle. The right putter is out there for you, and once you find it, you will never want to let go of it.

Now, here’s the fun part. Taking a look at some awesome new putter!

TaylorMade Big Red OSCB Daytona Putter

Via Amazon

TaylorMade is known mostly for their woods and irons, but they have slowly been building a reputation for making good putters, and I think that this model here is the culmination of years of improvement. This blade style putter looks as good as it performs. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons though, so you can decide for yourself.


  • Alignment: Many of the principle design features of this putter have been engineered with optimizing alignment in mind. The prominent sightline featured on this putter’s rear will undoubtedly make finding your line easier.
  • Hot Face: The patterned face insert is going to provide a very nice, soft feel, and it’s also going to make the ball roll nicely. Like any other club, putters have a sweet spot that yields the best roll. While the sweet spot of a putter isn’t nearly as hard as it is to find on say, a three iron, everything that lends a helping hand is nice.

The face insert essentially makes for one large sweet spot, so you can count on your putts rolling well.

  • Price: Picking up a premium golf club for under three hundred dollars is always a huge plus. Keep in mind also that you will most likely be using this club for a long time, so for something that might take space in your bag for a decade or more, you’re getting a good deal.


  • Finish: Personally, I like a nice finish on a golf club, but I am also well-aware of the fact that they don’t last forever. The greyish black coloring featured on this putter looks great now, but in a few years, it will more than likely be faded.

Some people don’t mind. I actually kind of appreciate the mild wear and tear that my sticks accumulate over the years. It reminds me of the hundreds of loops I’ve played them on, which is sort of confidence inspiring.

Still, if you are one that is going to be bothered by the fading paint, that is something to consider.


Odyssey Men’s White Hot SuperStroke RX 2Ball Vline Putter


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Odyssey has been synonymous with high-quality putters for as long as their clubs have been on the market. They are manufactured by Callaway, and just like their parent company they have been used by many of the game’s greatest players (including Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson) to win some of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport.

This two ball putter is a new version of one of their classic designs. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if it’s the club for you.




  • Alignment: the two-ball model is perhaps the quintessential alignment putter. This mallet head putter is of a tour-proven design that has helped people hit their puts on line for decades.
  • Insert: We talked a little bit about insert face technology when we looked at the TaylorMade putter. Callaway has always been at the forefront of this technology and continues to improve upon it with every putter that they release.
  • Multiple Grip Options: You can go into any golf store and get your grip changed out but it’s going to cost you some money. This putter gives you the options up front to save you money later.
  • Price: This premium putter actually costs less than the TaylorMade model that we looked at earlier which certainly makes it a bargain.



  • Over Saturated Market: There is nothing inherently wrong with this specific model, but it is worth noting that you could get a very similar putter for nearly one hundred dollars less.

Odyssey is a good brand, but they release new stuff so regularly that there often times isn’t much of a difference between models. If you want a better bargain buying an older two ball model might be the way to go.



Cleveland Golf 2017 Men’s Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter

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Cleveland Golf has gone underappreciated for years. A little while back they used to make a full set—drivers, woods, irons, etc, but recently they switched focus to the clubs that you use from one hundred and thirty yards and in. Wedges and putters had always been their specialty anyway, and it shows with this club.

Let’s take a look.




  • Classic: The design here is simple but classic. Many years ago Ping released the “Ping Anser,” a putter that would forever change the look of blade putters. While of course, this is a different manufacturer, the Huntington Beach Putter does well to embody the spirit of its predecessor.
  • Precision Milled: The face of this club is grooved to promote steady, consistent speeds, and a good roll.
  • Price: Price won’t be a pro for all of these, I promise, but it is a nice attribute for the beginner, and for what it is worth this is the best bargain that we have seen so far, with a price roughly half that of anything else we have looked at.



  • Too Simple? This club doesn’t feature any of the bells or whistles of the other models that we have looked at. The sightlines are standard, and there is no insert technology to speak of.

For what it is worth, this is probably the club that I would buy were I just starting out. The design is time tested, and while innovation is always nice, when it comes to putting what we really need is something that looks and feels good, and this club fits both requirements nicely.

Odyssey Golf- Works Big T Versa SuperStroke Putter:

Odyssey is the only manufacturer on this list to have two clubs highlighted, but perhaps after years of being leaders in the putter market, they deserve the distinction. This putter distinguishes itself in several ways from the last one that we looked at. We will examine how as we take a look at the pros.



  • Glare Resistant: This model features a dark paint job that will keep both the shaft and the putter head from reflecting sunlight. Now, is that really a problem for most golfers? Admittedly not much of one but when it comes to putting you definitely want to eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Mostly, I think it’s just cool looking. Black shafts have really taken off on the PGA Tour in the last few years, and while it might just be a trend that will be over in a season or two, it’s still something that I can embrace.

  • Hot Face: We mentioned with the last Odyssey putter that they have always been at the forefront of face insert technology. Naturally enough this club is no exception. This particular model features a stainless steel mesh that is going to give the club a slightly firmer feel.

Personally, I prefer a putter that isn’t too soft. Here, you are getting the benefits of a face insert, while still enjoying the feel of a traditionally milled putter.

  • Super Stroke: The Super Stroke (or “fat grip,” as my father calls it) is another trend that has taken both professional and amateur golf by storm over the past few years. Jordan Spieth is perhaps the most notable player to incorporate the grip in his bag, and he is one of the best putters currently alive.

There is definitely no promising you will get the same results that he does, but it will help with the basic mechanics of your stroke, keeping the club face a little more square at impact.


  • Too Trendy: The black shaft and the big grip are cool now, but like I said, they probably won’t still be big in a couple of years. Unlike the classic design of say, the Cleveland putter that we looked at earlier, this club will date itself in the near future.

That said, if you like how it looks, that shouldn’t stop you from picking one up. Putting is all about your own personal preference, so forget what other people say.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter 2016 Right Newport 2 35


Via Amazon

This club makes its way onto the list because, well its predecessor was one of my first putters over a decade ago. It is true that Scotty Cameron has a long-standing tradition of being over-priced, but for what it is worth, I will be bold enough to say that it is worth every penny.

The Newport model that I play has hit literal ten of thousands of putts and been with me on hundreds, if not thousands of rounds of golf. Even after all that play time, it still looks nearly as good as the day that I bought it, and in all that time, I’ve never wanted anything else.

Of course, since many years have passed since I bought my version of the club, there are numerous technological advances featured on this model that we will examine with pros and cons.


  • Classic Design With Modern Twist: Like a couple of the other blade putters we have looked on this list, this putter features the now classic design first modeled by the Ping Anser, but unlike those other putters, it maintains that traditional design, while seamlessly incorporating modern technology.

The stainless steel head features a soft insert with steel inlay that will maintain the satisfying feel of milled putters, while still benefitting from the vibration reducing technology of the insert.

  • Proven Quality: Scotty Cameron is one of, if not the most tour-proven line of putters on the market. Every single major Tiger Woods has won was with a Scotty Cameron in his bag. He is even older than mine—he’s been using the same one since the 1996 Masters.
  • Adjustable: For the past ten years or so, every putter that the Scotty Cameron studio has put out on the market has utilized removable weights so that you can adjust your putter to suit your preferences, should you feel the need to.


  • Price: Most of the models featured on this list have done well not to break the bank, but unfortunately this final example is ending that trend. For what it is worth, I think that it is worth the price. If you end up keeping your Scotty Cameron in the bag for even half as long as I have kept mine, I have no doubt that you will be very pleased with your purchase.


Well, that’s it! I hope that you have enjoyed the guide to this point. More importantly, I hope it has helped narrow down your choices.

Buying a putter is based so much on personal preference that it is hard to select a winner from this list, but due to its price point, I think that the Cleveland model comes out on top here. It comes from a trusted brand and features a design that has stood the test of time.

Whichever club you chose, take your time, and enjoy the process. In golf you drive for show and putt for dough, so make sure to get the money maker that’s right for you.

Questions or comments? Let us know what you think down below!

Paul Durante

My name is Paul, and I truly love the game of golf. I’ve been playing for many years now, but still regularly discover new things about the sport. I believe that blogs like this can go a long way in helping people understand this game’s rich history and rules, and I am very proud to have the opportunity to contribute.

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